1st Annual WJ Halloween Jam 2018

Saturday October 27th, 2018 marks the 1st annual Tricks For Tricks Halloween Jam at the Washington/Jefferson Skate Park in Eugene, OR. Built by Dreamland Skate Parks.

Saturday, October 27th 2018 marks the 1st annual Tricks For Treats Halloween Jam in Eugene, OR. at Washington/Jefferson Skate Park, built by Dreamland Skate Parks.
Cal Young crew presents the first annual "Tricks for Treats" at Eugene skatepark in Oregon. Filmed and edited by JB

12 & Under Street:

1.Rubbie Winterburn

2.Jaxon Shroat

3.Max Bucknell

Intermediate Street:

1.Silas Strimple

2.Riley Carrigan

3.Parker Heitman

Advanced Street:

1.Colin Crespino

2.Noah Johnson

3.Drew Bieschke

Intermediate Bowl:

1.Silas Strimple

2.Avery Snavely

3.Riley Carrigan

Advanced Bowl:

1.Mason Bucknell

2.Bob King

3.Noah Johnson

Best Trick 8 Stair:

Colin Crespino

Best Trick Pool:

Mason Bucknell & Noah Johnson

All Around Ripper:

Noah Johnson

Drew BieschkeComment