Crete Sandwich Vol. 2 Premiere

May 31st 2018

Sold out show at The Bijou Art Cinema for 'Crete Sandwich Vol. 2', a three year project with over 100 people throughout the entire DVD. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate and to all who made this video possible!

Thank you to all of our sponsors!

Bartow's Place, Empty Safe, Sims Snowboards, Flamenco Pacifico, Strive Skateboards, Cal Young Comics, Old Cocks Skateboarding Co., Shredi, Lipstick Skateboards, Curb Cakes, Tactics, Rage & Sail Screen Printing, LLASkate, Liquor Store Bearings, Chupakabruh Skateboards, Six Pack Skateboards,& 6Grip.

Photos by Sean McMurray


Drew Bieschke